Friendly County Match – Nov 14th 2021. Northants v Buckinghamshire.

Friendly County Match

Bridgmans BC, Harrold.  Sunday, Nov 14th 2021. Northants v Buckinghamshire.

Thankfully, the high winds had departed from Harrold by the time our intrepid bunch of County bowlers gathered once more at Bridgman BC to do battle. This time, on Sunday, Nov 14, our visitors came up from Buckinghamshire. After welcoming cups of tea or coffee, and after our home players had rolled out the mats, we commenced our endeavours. As hoped for, the games were played out with competitiveness, good humour and in a most sporting manner.

The successes during the day swung back and forth between the teams, and by the last round of games, all results were possible. Only after the last games had been completed did it become clear that, after some final mathematical checks, that the result of the match was a draw 30 – 30! Well done to all, and thanks to all who helped out, including Jean with the raffle.

With honours even, in this match, we look forward to the return at Handy Cross, High Wycombe, on Sunday, Dec 5.

Match Report from: Dave Ekins