Welcome Back to Bowls

Welcome Back to Bowls

Harrold – Sunday, August 29th 2021

Finally, after a few abortive plans frustrated by that pesky Covid, our NSMBA  membership was able to awaken from its enforced slumber to, once again, drag the Bowls bag from the understairs cupboard and sally forth to Harrold Bowls Club.

From all corners of the County came players keen to meet old friends, to catch up on gossip, to drink coffee  –  and, oh yes, play a bit of bowls.

Counting the players as they arrived, the organisers realised, with relief, that we had indeed the expected 27 promised attendees, and that division into 9 triples was a possible format, and that we were not to be faced with a problematic prime number like 29 from which to construct workable groupings.

Randomly drawn into some interesting teams, and faithfully following the fiendishly intricate mat system drawn up by the organisers, the players gave battle over the day.

The day proceeded smoothly, and it is hoped that all who took part enjoyed their bowling, whether they were winning or losing, and it was noticeable to the organisers that, as usual with our bowlers, games were being played in good spirit and friendliness, regardless of the results.

At the end of the day, after all the scores were totalled, it was the team of Sue Gunter, Robin Patching and Andrew Smith who had had the best of the day, winning all their games and receiving the spoils in the form of real money prizes kindly donated by our Chairman, Brian Nelson.

In all, it seemed that this was a successful venture, and if we are able to repeat similar events in the future, we hope that more of our Membership will grasp the opportunity for a pleasant and friendly day of bowling in the comfortable surroundings of Bridgmans Bowling Club. 

Match Report from: Dave Ekins